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Bobcat 1.0 Camera Link®

产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
ICL-B0610640 x 480137 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B0620640 x 480260 fps Base Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B10201 Megapixel74 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B13201 Megapixel HD85 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B13101.3 Megapixel39 fps Base Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B14111.4 Megapixel30 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B14101.4 Megapixel30 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B16102 Megapixel25 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B16212 Megapixel42 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B16202 Megapixel44 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B19212 Megapixel HD40 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B19202 Megapixel HD41 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B19222 Megapixel HD27 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B23204 Megapixel21 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B20204 Megapixel 20 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B25205 Megapixel16 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B25105 Megapixel9 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B33208 Megapixel10 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B402011 Megapixel6 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B33408 Megapixel21 fpsBase Camera Link
Medium Camera Link
ICL-B482016 Megapixel4 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B482116 Megapixel4 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B662029 Megapixel2 fpsBase Camera LinkPDF
ICL-B664029 Megapixel4 fpsBase Camera Link
Medium Camera Link



产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
IGV-B0610640 x 480137 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B10201 Megapixel74 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B0620640 x 480260 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B13201 Megapixel HD85 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B13101.3 Megapixel39 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®) PDF
IGV-B14111.4 Megapixel31 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®) PDF
IGV-B14101.4 Megapixel30 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B16102 Megapixel44 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B16102 Megapixel25 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B19202 Megapixel HD41 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B16212 Megapixel42 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®) PDF
IGV-B19212 Megapixel HD40 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B23204 Megapixel21 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B20204 Megapixel20 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®) PDF
IGV-B25105 Megapixel9 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B33208 Megapixel10 fps GEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B25205 Megapixel 16 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B402011 Megapixel6 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B482116 Megapixel4 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®) PDF
IGV-B4820IGV-B48204 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF
IGV-B662029 Megapixel2 fpsGEV (GigE Vision®)PDF



产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
ISD-B13201 Megapixel HD60 fpsSDIPDF
ISD-B19202 Megapixel HD30 fpsSDIPDF
ISD-B19212 Megapixel HD30 fpsSDIPDF



产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
ICX-B14101.4 Megapixel 30 fpsCoaXPressPDF
ICX-B0620640 x 480260 fpsCoaXPressPDF


Lynx Cameras Camera Link

产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
IPX-16M3-L16 Megapixel3 fpsCamera Link? BasePDF
IPX-11M5-L11 Megapixel5 fpsCamera Link® BasePDF
IPX-2M30H-L2 Megapixel HD33 fpsCamera Link® BasePDF
IPX-4M15-L4 Megapixel15 fpsCamera Link® BasePDF
IPX-1M48-L 1 Megapixel48 fpsCamera Link® BasePDF
IPX-2M30-L2 Megapixel33 fps Camera Link® BasePDF
IPX-VGA210-L640 x 480 210 fpsCamera Link® BasePDF


GigE Vision

产品型号 像素 帧频 数据接口 产品手册
IPX-11M5-G11 Megapixel5 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-16M3-G16 Megapixel3 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-2M30H-G2 Megapixel HD33 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-4M15-G 4 Megapixel15 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-1M48-G2 Megapixel48 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-2M30-G2 Megapixel 33 fpsGigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF
IPX-VGA210-G640 x 480210 fps GigE (Gigabit Ethernet)PDF




产品型号 概述 产品手册
VCE-B5A01 PCMCIA PC Video Capture Card for laptop and notebook computers Spec Sheet
VCE-CLB01 Captures single or multiple frames, and standard AVI clips from any Base Camera Link? compliant video source. Each captured frame can be stamped with a user message along with the date and time of capture. Spec Sheet
VCE-PRO Video acquisition from a single NTSC/PAL/RS170 camera. Includes support for an external trigger input. Includes user specified cables lengths and terminating connectors. Spec Sheet